Reviews of all Xiaomi smartphones, gadgets, smart devices and other gadgets produced by this company.

[REVIEW] Redmi Note 9 Pro is so good that it catches up on much more expensive smartphones

As part of its subsidiary Redmi, Xiaomi offers affordable and very well-equipped…

[REVIEW] POCO F2 Pro: This is what a 2020 smartphone should look like that can do it all!

The Chinese Xiaomi has also created a separate subsidiary from the POCO series of smartphones. Many of you…

[REVIEW] MIUI 12: New system from Xiaomi is better, inspiration from iOS can not be denied

Xiaomi brings another version of its powerful graphics superstructure for Android smartphones. Marked MIUI…

[REVIEW] Redmi Note 9S surprises in many ways and ranks among the best pieces up to 200 euros

The Redmi Note 9S smartphone brings a very interesting price / performance ratio with its equipment. We ...

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi 10 is the most expensive, but also the best Xiaomi smartphone so far

Xiaomi Mi 10 is truly a top flagship for 2020. It proves it with its design,…

We are currently testing Redmi Note 9S, the new king of smartphones up to € 200. Ask what interests you

The Redmi Note 9S smartphone is a continuation of the popular and affordable series from the Redmi workshop, a subsidiary…

[REVIEW] Extremely cheap Haylou LS01 watches can do a lot

In this review, we will introduce in detail the smart watch, which is on sale under the name Haylou…

We're testing the current flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 with Snapdragon 865. Ask what interests you

Xiaomi Mi 10 company itself is considered its first "real" flagship, in which they removed…

[REVIEW] Yeelight YLXD50YL is a famously 470mm smart ceiling lamp for every home

Intelligent LED lamps and bulbs are constantly increasing and in our homes are gradually replacing the ordinary ones.…

[REVIEWS] Amazfit Stratos 3 is the best watch manufacturer focused on sports

Amazfit smart watches have become popular thanks to their excellent price / performance ratio.

[REVIEWS] Haylou GT1 Plus Enhances Almost Perfect Wireless Headphones with Greater Endurance

With its GT1 series of headphones, Haylou climbs up in the wireless headphones market with a really decent…

[REVIEWS] RedmiBook 14 with AMD Ryzen: Did Xiaomi save too much?

In a full-fledged review this time, we will introduce an affordable notebook from the subsidiary Redmi. Model ...




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