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[REVIEW] Imilab KW66 are cheap smart watches that surprise with quality

Recently, we had the opportunity to try several very affordable models of smart watches included…

[REVIEW] Viomi SE is the perfect and affordable robotic vacuum cleaner that will suffice for most households

Viomi SE is a robotic vacuum cleaner belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem. Offers suction power 2200 pa, 12…

[REVIEW] POCO M3 is an example of what a phone can offer for less than 130 €

Chinese subsidiary Xiaomi, POCO, is surprising again. Brings the very affordable POCO M3 smartphone with Full…

[REVIEW] Amazfit X: Beautiful design with curved display does not justify the high price

Amazfit, as a partner brand of Xiaomi, brings interesting wearable products to the entire ecosystem. These are futuristic…

We are testing a new ultra cheap smartphone POCO M3 with a 6000 mAh battery. Ask what interests you

Xiaomi's Chinese subsidiary POCO officially unveiled its new affordable smartphone just a few days ago…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi 10T is a successful smartphone that surprises with an extremely good IPS display

A light version of the flagship from 2020, it is the Xiaomi Mi 10T. Offers 64 MPx…

[REVIEW] Haylou LS02 is one of the best cheap smart watches

The Haylou brand, whose name originated from the English "hello", also belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem and focuses on…

This is how the 64-megapixel Xiaomi Mi 10T takes pictures + comparison with the 108-megapixel Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The novelty in the form of Xiaomi Mi 10T traditionally comes at the end of the year as a light version of the flag…

We are testing a futuristic curved Amazfit X smart watch. Ask what you are interested in

Imagine that your new smart watch would have a curved display and copy the shape of your…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi AC2100 is a powerful gigabit router with an unconventional design and an interesting price

Xiaomi also has several routers and other network devices in its portfolio, such as…

We are testing the bloated 64-megapixel smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10T. Ask what interests you

Xiaomi has introduced its new flagship devices, with the more affordable Xiaomi Mi 10T already available…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal takes video quality from your smartphone to a whole new level

Xiaomi, as we know it, has various brands under it that focus on specific areas.




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