Everything about the MIUI system - news, tips and tricks, schedule of updates for individual models.

Mi Cloud from Xiaomi is a really useful service, thanks to which you can track a lost / stolen smartphone

The fact that the Chinese giant Xiaomi is properly looking for inspiration from the American Apple, currently about…

Xiaomi also makes its calendar available to other devices. You can easily download it from the Google Play store

The user superstructure from Xiaomi called MIUI is known and popular thanks to several things. One of…

When will MIUI 12 be available for Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7, POCO F1 and other smartphones?

It has been some time since the expected MIUI 12 superstructure was officially launched to the world.

This is how to prevent accidental touches on smartphones with a curved display: Mi 10, Mi Note 10 or Mi Note 10 Lite

Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of a number of innovative manufacturers. Innovations in recent years include curved…

MIUI 12 comes with a new Lite mode that no one knew about before

The latest generation of the popular Xiaomi superstructure, MIUI 12, brings with it a number of improvements that…

Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro receive an update to MIUI 12 Global Stable. Already in our country in Slovakia

MIUI 12 is the latest user superstructure for devices with the Xiaomi and Redmi logo, respectively. In addition, it goes…

Xiaomi reveals distant future: First information about Xiaomi Mi MIX 10 and MIUI 15

Chinese companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi, which are becoming increasingly popular in Western markets,…

[REVIEW] MIUI 12: New system from Xiaomi is better, inspiration from iOS can not be denied

Xiaomi brings another version of its powerful graphics superstructure for Android smartphones. Marked MIUI…

Xiaomi brings a new tweak to MIUI 12: Partial screenshot editor

As part of its new graphic superstructure called MIUI 12, Xiaomi also brings a practical…

The global version of MIUI 12 is depleted of a number of features. A lot of news remained only in the Chinese version

May 19, 2020 was the day Xiaomi presented a global version of the popular pomocou online conference konfer

Global version of MIUI 12 officially introduced: List of smartphones and update dates

Xiaomi today officially unveiled a new version of its MIUI 12 software extension.

Still don't know if your Xiaomi smartphone will get MIUI 12? We have a COMPLETE list of up to 67 models!

Xiaomi officially unveiled the new MIUI 12 user superstructure this year. However, many users still…




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