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Xiaomi NexTool multifunctional shovel will get you by all the tools it offers. It has a great price in a Polish warehouse

Xiaomi is known for supporting quality products from other brands through its YouPin e-commerce platform.

Only 1 day left for the lowest €546! The 200-megapixel Xiaomi 12T Pro is the best smartphone in the category

Xiaomi officially introduced the Xiaomi 12T series of devices at its October press conference. She except…

This Xiaomi QingPing smart alarm clock is packed with features: It measures temperature, humidity, has an app and comes down to a low €16!

We have become accustomed to the fact that Xiaomi, in cooperation with other manufacturers, produces various smart products.

The Xiaomi Diiib rotating water saver is a fantastic household gadget for a ridiculously low price of only €8

The kitchen is a place where all culinary specialties are created. After cooking, however, it is less rad

Reduced price: Xiaomi smart switch with display, temperature and humidity measurement is a great gadget

Xiaomi constantly brings interesting and innovative products to our homes. In this article you…

Xiaomi Book Pro 14 and Pro 16 on international sale: 2,8K and 4K OLED displays, the latest graphics or 16 GB RAM

At the July conference in China, Xiaomi presented a relatively large number of new products. The series saw the light of day...

Beastly gaming laptop Redmi G Pro on sale: Intel Core i9, RTX 3070 Ti graphics and 2.5K display with 240 Hz frequency

The Redmi company is also involved in the production of laptops, but they are not sold in the global market. Their…

Now in price drop: The latest Redmi G 2022 gaming laptop with RTX 3050Ti graphics and 165 Hz 2K display

Today, the independent Redmi brand presented the world with a new device in the field of gaming laptops. The manufacturer is…

Incredible price drop to a record €2528! The monstrous 6000 W Segway GT2 scooter reaches 50 km/h in under 4 seconds

Segway-Ninebot, known worldwide for its electric scooters, has introduced a complete model line for…

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X 14 surprises with an international price: 120 Hz 2.5K display, RTX3050 graphics and Intel Core i7

Are you looking for a powerful work laptop for the office, but also for fun? In that case, definitely read…

Perhaps the most powerful mini vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi Shunzao Z1 Pro with a powerful suction power of up to 15 pa and a coupon in the EU warehouse

Shunzao is another brand that Xiaomi promotes through its crowdunding platform Youpin. In cooperation they bring…

The latest coupon in the EU warehouse: Shunzao Z15 vacuum cleaner with a brutal suction power of 30 pa has a move that will surprise you

Introducing the new Shunzao Z15 bar vacuum cleaner, which offers high suction power, a unique floor brush…




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