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A great coupon on Ali: Xiaomi water purifier directly on the tap also filters out chlorine

Xiaomi has several non-traditional products in its portfolio, among which we can certainly include a cleaner...

Via Ali sales at a great price: Xiaomi has a very high-quality hammock with a load capacity of up to 300 kg

Would you think that a consumer electronics manufacturer will also have a product as a hammock?

The best gadget for the bedroom in 14 €! Xiaomi QingPing smart alarm clock measures temperature, humidity and has an application

We have become accustomed to the fact that Xiaomi, in cooperation with other manufacturers, produces various smart products.

We have a new coupon: Wireless Xiaomi Lofans steam iron with 2000 W power

A new steam iron from Lofans has appeared on the list of products belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Xiaomi with the ZSH brand sells soft, antibacterial and very cheap towels

Xiaomi towel? Yes, even such a product has been sold for a long time by the originally technological giant Xiaomi. A…

Fantastic price only 24 €: Xiaomi Mijia the steam iron irons and sterilizes your clothes at a temperature of up to 130°C

Xiaomi is one of the many useful products in the Chinese giant's portfolio Mijia steam iron,…

Again at the lowest price! The latest generation of Xiaomi smart thermometer Mijia Smart Temperature and Humidity Meter 3 for only €11

I guess everyone uses a thermometer in the home. The company Xiaomi is also thinking about it, which under its own…

The second version of the Xiaomi HuoHou grinder has up to three grinding discs. It costs less than €10

Chinese Xiaomi partner brand HuoHou brings a new version of its Xiaomi knife sharpener…

Excellent price 145 € for packaging with HW kit! Smart mirror 70mai Rearview Dash Cam S500 has a 3K camera and a 9.35" touch screen

Intelligent technologies are slowly but surely reaching the dashboard of our cars. If you are…

Sale price only 10 €: Xiaomi Mijia lint remover removes hair, lint and other dirt from your clothes

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi sometimes surprises us with a truly unconventional gadget, which can also be used in your t

Sale price 23 €: Duka LS6 is the latest generation of a laser meter with a color display, a range of 40 meters and angle measurement

For work that requires precision and efficiency, every master or craftsman will appreciate a reliable measuring...

New Aliexpress Coupon: Redmi Desktop Speaker is the brand's first wireless speaker for your PC

Redmi, a Chinese brand that also belongs to the wide Xiaomi ecosystem, is expanding its portfolio and this time…