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Xiaomi NexTool multifunctional shovel will get you by all the tools it offers. It has a great price in a Polish warehouse

Xiaomi is known for supporting quality products from other brands through its YouPin e-commerce platform.

This Xiaomi QingPing smart alarm clock is packed with features: It measures temperature, humidity, has an app and comes down to a low €16!

We have become accustomed to the fact that Xiaomi, in cooperation with other manufacturers, produces various smart products.

The Xiaomi Diiib rotating water saver is a fantastic household gadget for a ridiculously low price of only €8

The kitchen is a place where all culinary specialties are created. After cooking, however, it is less rad

Perhaps the most powerful mini vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi Shunzao Z1 Pro with a powerful suction power of up to 15 pa and a coupon in the EU warehouse

Shunzao is another brand that Xiaomi promotes through its crowdunding platform Youpin. In cooperation they bring…

Xiaomi Mijia For smart watches, they have an E-ink display, measure temperature and humidity. They received a new coupon with a low price

Xiaomi Mijia smart digital clock is another very cheap, but at the same time feature-packed gadget…

Record price €23 in the EU warehouse! Original Xiaomi Mi 65 W GaN charger for Europe. Charges both a smartphone and a laptop

We often charge modern smartphones every day. Time when the phone lasted on one charge even…

The multifunctional Yunmai push-up board will help you train your shoulders, back and biceps. In stock in the EU with a coupon for €17

The international retailer also offers this practical and multifunctional Yunmai push-up board, which will help you with…

Great buy: Yunmai Pro Smart Scale can measure up to 13 body parameters and now costs only €19 in the EU warehouse

Yunmai Pro Smart Scale is an accurate smart scale for every household. Thanks to our coupon she…

Coupon with an excellent price of €85: The quality Xiaomi Massage Gun has a powerful motor and a USB Type-C connector

The Chinese company Xiaomi brings its first massage pistol with the official name Xiaomi Massage Gun. Has…

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro headphones were sold for €150, now for €61. They have ANC, measure heart rate and last up to 30 hours

The popular Chinese brand Amazfit has in its portfolio powerful true-wireless headphones with ANC function and…

Xiaomi presents a fully wireless hair straightener: It has a 2500 mAh battery and reaches a temperature of up to 210°C

Hair straighteners are devices that are used in most cases by women. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi…

Price drop from €313 to a record €213! Roborock H6 is the flagship among stick vacuum cleaners with an OLED display and a power of 26 pa

Roborock is a brand known mainly for its powerful and advanced robotic vacuum cleaners. Now, however, the manufacturer…




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