The latest news about craziest Xiaomi gadgets.

Xiaomi has a new handy gadget that eliminates unpleasant odors and disinfects the environment

Through the popular Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding, we get a hill of interesting and useful gadgets. Between…

Ultra-cheap Xiaomi MIIIW rotary timer suitable for cooking or exercise received a new coupon

The MIIIW brand on the Xiaomi Youpin portal releases an interesting household gadget. It's a small timer,…

Xiaomi Deerma steam iron will iron your clothes anywhere. With a coupon in CZ stock, it costs little

Deerma offers a number of household aids in its segment. These include this Xiaomi Deerma…

The very compact Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition with a capacity of 10 mAh receives the first coupon

China's Xiaomi introduces a new power bank called the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition.

Redmi AirDots 2 wireless headphones with improved sound are now ridiculously cheap. It costs only 10 €

The new generation of low-cost Redmi AirDots 2 headphones brings higher sound quality and reduced delay. Preserves…

Xiaomi Celestron astronomical telescope with 70 mm objective after a long time again in CZ stock. We have a coupon

At the beginning of November 2019, Xiaomi launched crowdfounding, a collection in support of the project, a new magnificent astronomical telescope…

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C with a capacity of 20 mAh and Quick Charge 000 in CZ stock for low 3.0 €

King of power banks or external chargers. This is also how Xiaomi can be described, which several…

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 are extremely cheap headphones with surprising quality. It costs only 12 euros

Xiaomi already has several wireless Bluetooth headphones in its repertoire. Recently they came up with a new model…

Xiaomi Yeelight 480 mm ceiling lamp with WiFi receives excellent stock in CZ stock. It costs only 64 €

Yeelight, as one of the subsidiaries of the giant Xiaomi, produces smart lighting for our homes. I am

Wireless Xiaomi Lofans steam iron with a power of 2000 W in CZ stock for only 29 €

A new steam iron from Lofans has appeared on the list of products belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem.

The popular Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar living room speaker receives a great price in CZ stock

Xiaomi's commitment to television is long-standing. In addition to smart TV, it also produces accessories,…

Xiaomi HuoHou 5-piece set of quality kitchen knives receives a brand new coupon in the CZ warehouse

A quality knife is usually the heart of any kitchen. After all, the culinary beginning begins with the first cut…




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