Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Review + Coupons

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro: A self-sufficient wireless smart camera with a beautiful image

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Each camera must have its own station or can multiple cameras be connected to one station?


Hello, we have not yet seen the cameras themselves without a station on sale, so it probably won't be possible in this way.


Hello, I have a problem connecting the camera itself to the base, once it was already connected and the room along with the base was deleted, now the button on the configuration camera does not want to restart the pairing process all over again…. Can you please advise me where the problem might be.... There is no reset directly in the camera or hard reset :/ thank you in advance


Hello, as we write in the review, we also had this problem, you should try other routers.


Hi. I have two cameras. The first one works fine. I installed the second one yesterday and the motion sensor works poorly. When I look at the camera in the app it delivers a notification, but when I don't have the app on, the notification only comes from the first camera. In both cases, the station is connected via wifi, about 6m away from the camera.