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Xiaomi Mi 9 again a little cheaper: These are the best market prices

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Adam Walt

Bought, thanks


I would like to ask what is the difference between the EU Priority Line and the Priority Line?

Martin Tužinský

Funny that the screenshot of the 13-day tracker is the same as it did with Redmi Note 7, it took me 16 days anyway, but everything was fine, so I just forgot about the two free glasses, I don't mind, I'll order it 🙂


But I have Xiaomi never again. You just won't find such crappy and sloppy software.


You could also put a coupon on the transparent version 😉


There is the language CZ or sk

Petr Svetr

In total, it strikes me that someone will come to this price, it is necessary to add a duty of about 14% and 21% VAT to the price and you are immediately at the official Czech price, not to mention the warranty, etc. I'm right here, I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things :-)