Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro receive an update to MIUI 12. Already in our country in Slovakia

Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro receive an update to MIUI 12 Global Stable. Already in our country in Slovakia

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  1. Andrei writes:

    Those who have the EU version of the Mi9T Pro (as well as me) are not affected. Even if I'm in the Beta tester program.

  2. Miro writes:

    Long since

  3. Ján writes:

    I have a Mi 9 T but I have no update to MIUI 12 available.

  4. Adam writes:

    Mi 9T still nothing.

  5. TT writes:

    Too bad the Mi 9 SE isn't there.

  6. Patrik writes:

    I haven't gotten it yet, I don't know what's going on

  7. Ally writes:

    Also nothing to me 9T

  8. Gustav writes:

    Installed on Mi9 today. I use Xiaomi from Mi3 and I can still pleasantly surprise me.

  9. Paul writes:

    Mi 9 global version, today came…

  10. Igor writes:

    Mi 9T for still nothing

  11. Patrik writes:

    Today update to miui 11 as why 130 mb mi 9t

  12. Jozef writes:

    The update is only:

    Xiaomi Mi 9 V12.0.0.9.QFAMIXM (Global) or V12.0.1.0.QFKEUXM (EEA)
    Xiaomi Mi 9T V12.0.0.11.QFJMIXM (Global)
    Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro V12.0.0.8.QFKMIXM (Global)

    Global EEA - is the Global version for the European Union and it is not yet on all models.

  13. Ondrej writes:

    Yesterday the update to mi9 was received, I just lost the consumption of mobile data in the control center and I don't know how much I missed.

  14. Patrik writes:

    The next day and I still can't wait to see when it will be

  15. Martin writes:

    Mi 9 update still on Monday, so far everything super, except super wallpapers that can not be downloaded, does anyone have a similar problem?

  16. Jakub writes:

    I also already saw 23 on me 9 just for the need to use the internet for other activities at that time I could not move and got lost.

  17. Thomas writes:

    The same thing happened to me, I don't know what we're doing now 😂

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