Xiaomi's 4K FIMI X8 SE drone is attacking much more expensive competitors

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  1. Jaroslav Škraban writes:

    The Fimi X8 has no obstacle avoidance function and panorama is not yet available. But the camera output is fantastic in this price range.

    1. Iwo Olwecký writes:

      The panorama feature is in the description.

  2. MIROSLAV JOLIE writes:

    This editor cleaned me cleanly through the center of my head with a proper cannon…
    I do not understand as such an idiot… it can be literate but surely it violates a number of endings, including fraud and deceit compared to a car with wooden wheels with a new ferrari…
    Such people should not have access to the media, but they should play on Columbus in the basin of the institute with paper boats…

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