FIMI X8 Mini drone has a 4K camera, range up to 8 km and COUPON PRICES
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The latest promotional prices in the Czech warehouse: Lightweight Pro version of the FIMI X8 Mini drone with 4K video, 3-axis stabilization and a range of 8 km

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I ordered 5.8. and they haven't even sent it yet 🙁


Hello, try to write to them for support


You have a mistake in the article, the drone with 258g is in category C1 and subcategory A1, which has stricter restrictions than category C0, subcategory A1. It is also false information "which also allows piloting without specific certifications". I don't know how you define "specific", but an online test and registration is required for a 258g drone. Registration is also required for a drone <250g if it has a camera, which it does.
At the seller himself at gshopper it is written that you can choose (pro and normal batteries), but it ends only with the description. It is not possible to choose, which is offered by, for example, Aliexpress.


I assume that there are different laws and conditions in CZ than in SK


The FIMI X8 Mini runs a return to home function and a manual full mode. Is this not true? There is no objective object detection on….


Hi…. Coupon is not working.


Hi, yeah the coupon already expired, now we don't have a new code.