Does your display go blank when you make a call? Try sensor proximity calibration

Doesn't the display on your Xiaomi smartphone go out when you're on the phone? Try this manual for sensor proximity calibration

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  1. Michal writes:

    That's nice bullshit.

  2. Tom writes:

    I have twice complained about the phone in Algae and I have been rejected twice. The phone is stupid. I will pay 60 for a forensic expert and then withdraw from the purchase agreement. When I make a call, the LCD turns off and then does not turn on, or when I make a call, the LCD lights up next to my ear. It just works the other way around or not at all. Problem only when calling. I solved the Samsung buds for the headphones but it is not possible to work with the phone during the call. When you touch the top bar with your finger… the phone doesn't turn on the LCD… it's a fight. Nevertheless, soft from xiaomi suits me very well (I had an iphone or samsung for a long time) and I will definitely buy xiaomi again :)))

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