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The popular Xiaomi Mi Band 4 now pays off even more. In the EU, the warehouse costs less than € 20

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  1. Alojz writes:

    Sent within 3 - 7 days delivered 30 - 45 days / forgot to write.

    1. remusator writes:

      Try here: https://www.gearbest.com/smart-wristband/pp_009874101197.html?wid=1349303
      € 40 including Eu Priority Line, sent 24-27 / 6, delivery 11-20 days.

  2. Dávidka Lázár writes:

    I ordered, but the postage is 0.81 €

  3. Miroslav Karaba writes:

    Is it written that it is an international version and not a Global version as it is? + free delivery and overpayment of VAT and customs is at the priority line where is the fee or am I wrong and you write there that it is through Belgium or Netherland or singapurt post for free with overpayment so if I can ask for info like it?

    Thank you for your response.

  4. Tomas novak writes:

    2,42 Shopping guarantee and we are at 30, without SG on gearbest it will not pay off if the shipment does not arrive and you do not have an insured GB will pay you half of it even in credits with Gearbest carefully

  5. Tomko Volna writes:


  6. Jar writes:

    So it was finally delivered to me by courier today. It took exactly a month. Sending it took them 10 days, after all, it was delivery. .

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