Wanbo T6 Max: The best projector in the 200 price range € [COUPONS]
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It drops to 204 in EU stock €: Wanbo T6 Max projector has FullHD resolution, 550 ANSI, Netflix and electronic focus

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This projector is very loud fan noise .It also projects downwards so be prepared to install at a 5ft level to project 90cm of the ground .Claimed lumens 550 not to sure if it reaches 550 ANSI lumens level .The picture is clear and crisp but be prepared to watch projection at a loud volume to cancel our fan noise .I registered the fan at 51dbs.


Hi, does this projector have a power supply or does it only work on cable?


Hello, it only works from the mains, it needs to be plugged in, it has no battery.


Good day,
I purchased the projector along with the coupon through you website. Unfortunately, the cutlery immediately fails to start and the image does not start.

Can you help me with a complaint?
Well thank you.


Hello, write us the order number and best of all, if you send a short video, we will respond to FB messages the fastest, but you can also via e-mail. https://xiaomiplanet.sk/kontakt/


Hi, it would be worth mentioning that this model is similar to the performance of a mini projector from Xiaomi but the fan buzzes incredibly. It is extremely disruptive. If the user does not have speakers / home theater, it noticeably disrupts the experience.


In the review, we also mention the noise and also that it is one of its biggest disadvantages.


The Projector projects the image at a lower level than other projectors. Also the 550 ANSI Lumens may not be true. The Fan noise is definitely there. Amazon Fire TV stick doesn't work.
Built-in Netflix and Amazon Prime works perfectly. No lag in performance. Issue with some codecs for playing video files through USB.
The Image fousing is good, however if you are trying to configure the projector at an angle, it may be out of focus at one end.


Ordered on December 22 from a EU store, today 13 January it is still not shipped, in the website is still sold and available (while it is not). Customer support wrote me to wait (every time they said to wait a few more days). From my experience this is for now a fraud, let's hope to receive the object or a refund.


Hello, we are sorry for such experience, Banggood shop is certainly not a fraud. You can provide us with the order number and we will check the status of the order for you.


Order number: 106263873


We are sorry, this order is not made through our website, we dont have it in the system. You Need To Contact Banggood Directly.


Hi, did anyone on this projector have a problem with HBO GO and NETFLIX?
none of these applications play content, the Netflix app launches but when selecting a profile it throws up an error that it can't connect to the netflix service and HBO Go goes fine until the start of the movie or series itself, long loading and then it prints that the content is not available. Youtube is fine, so internet connection is not a problem,


Try uninstalling applications.
And then download new ones may help