Wanbo Mozart 1: 900 ANSI, stereo audio and COUPON PRICE
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Great price 255 € in CZ warehouse: Wanbo Mozart 1 is the brand's best projector to date: 900 ANSI, built-in stereo speakers and 32 GB of memory

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I ordered wanbo mozart on 28.12. 2023. They were supposed to deliver within a few days. Today, 2.2.24, the goods are nowhere to be found and the seller is a dead bug. Fraudsters. Do not buy from Banggood.


Hello, send the order number and we will check it. So if you ordered through us.


Do not buy this projector, I bought it and it is a total waste. If someone has already ordered it, I recommend ordering a chromecast 4 or some other android box, because the system in this projector is unusable, probably as old as the universe itself. If you want a projector, look elsewhere.