Xiaomi Mi Store Avion: Grand opening with extreme discounts

We were there: Xiaomi in Slovakia opened its largest stone shop with an area of ​​100 m2 and many products

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  1. Tibor writes:

    Hello, this offer: Xiaomi 11T (8/128 GB) from 366 euros to 269 euros.
    I don't see anywhere there, neither on their website nor on Fb.
    Will they have it there or is it a typo?
    well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, it will only be in the new store, not in the e-shop. And only on Saturday.

  2. DD writes:

    100m2 is a large store. You are well paid… Who is a mathematician knows from 100m2 = 10 × 10 m..is this is a big store? Don't be funny !! 100m2 is a shopkeeper. Also, there is a similar newsagent or bar or restaurant even in the shopping center are bigger.

    It's all over your head?

    The large store is 9000 m2 as alza plus on two floors. 100m2 is a small mole and a small shop. Dm drugstore region and all the others are bigger.

    100 square meters is the size of a small shop in a small area of ​​a residential house as I share or raspberry food. Krpate a male. Kindly don't lie to people here ..
    By the way, this company xo officially sells Xiaomi products discriminates against journalists. Eg DP.

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