Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar with coupon: Quality sound for our living rooms
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Favorite Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar in CZ stock for a record 52 €! It contains up to 8 speakers

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  1. Miroslav Schimmerle writes:

    Hello, I used your coupon and bought…. now 12.9. , order accepted, registered, paid, in preparation mail last night received an email (after 7 days) that they can not deliver, that the recipient's address is too long and that if I do not answer within 7 days, cancel the order…, I changed the address, but in my orders no longer figured …… what now ????

    and now reply from BG, corrected the address and within 7-15 days they should deliver…. so I'm curious ..

  2. Marek Ostrava writes:

    I wanted to buy now, unfortunately the coupon is no longer valid. 🙁

  3. berino writes:

    It would be good to check what the coupon works at all, you are already the second page that writes about it and points out the discount coupon and it does not work, it is no longer valid on Fonte, so it was, I don't know if someone just copies an article somewhere, translates and publish without verifying it, or publish very late!

  4. Milan writes:

    "The coupon code does not exist." DHSALE40

    1. Editorial writes:

      It needs to be copied via the copy button, the coupon contains lowercase letters: DHsale40

  5. Milan writes:

    Great, it brought me a click on my mobile, thanks!

  6. Stif's Coils writes:

    pre-order and in addition it is sold out Us .. Useless

    1. Editorial writes:

      Yes, it is already sold out, we have updated the article.

  7. Vlado writes:

    What does the optical audio output do for? What is the signal-to-noise ratio? This is a very important parameter.

  8. Ems writes:

    The range of 50Hz to 25 kHz is not fully freq. bands. Computable basses for a standard person start at 20Hz and therefore this soundbar will not provide them.

  9. Matthew writes:

    Hello, I ordered this soundbar, the sound is nice, I have it connected via an optical cable to the TV xiaomi 4s 55 and on the TV switched in the sound settings to S / PDIF, the sound works fine but I have a problem with the volume control on the remote does not work after switching. Only sound control is possible on the soundbar manually, which is quite impractical to get up at the TV and turn down or turn up the volume manually .. Is there a way to solve this problem?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, sound control via optics is not possible, via BT or 3,5 mm jack works.

  10. Matthew writes:

    Through BT, the sound is a little late, which is useless when watching TV when the sound goes later… And the sound through aux 3,5 mm Jack is pretty fart… If I knew it earlier, I would not buy it, but do not mind when connected via optics and adjusting the ideal volume manually, the sound from the movie or song is excellent for this price range. Too bad the controls

  11. Matthew writes:

    Today I received a new update on xiaomi mi tv 4s, and this problem is finally solved and the volume can be changed even if the sound is switched to with PDIF and goes through the soundbar, which means that I no longer have to get up to adjust the volume. So xiaomi finally solved my problem, in this case I would definitely buy the soundbar for the second time and xiaomi would give me a tv 4s 55

  12. Peter writes:

    Due to policy reasons, this product does not exist.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the product will open for us normally, try it via an application or vice versa, via a PC.

  13. Lucian writes:

    I ordered this soundbar about a year ago and it hasn't arrived to this day. Properly paid through Pay-Pal and not even a few attempts to "complain" or dispute did not help !!! Beware of this merchant (Banggood). !

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, did you order it through our site? If so, we can still try to communicate the refund, but it has been a very long time. But Banggood should return the money if the goods did not arrive after 60 days. If you paid with PayPal, you could also open a dispute on PayPal and they would resolve it. Banggood is at a high level in terms of reliability, it is currently the most reliable seller in China and also the largest. Send us your order details and we'll take a look. https://xiaomiplanet.sk/kontakt/

  14. Peter writes:

    Thank you, the laptop link works.

  15. Burn writes:

    the page is unavailable

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