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Equip your computer with new software at really low prices: Windows 10 from 8 € and Office at 58% discount

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  1. Susie Jerkins writes:

    Hello, if I buy e.g. Windows 10 Home, will there be a full-fledged Office package in it? No trial version? Or what version of Office is in such Windows?

    1. Editorial writes:

      There is no Office license in Windows. Office licenses are sold separately and Windows licenses are also sold separately.

  2. Susie Jerkins writes:

    So far, I have had the feeling that even in the basic version of Windows (without purchasing the Office package itself) there are at least the basic programs Word and Excel. At least that's when I bought a laptop a few years ago. But then it wasn't Windows 10 yet, so I'm asking.
    So I need these 2 programs, the others like Access, Skype for business, etc. I will definitely not use, so I still have to buy the whole Office package with unnecessary programs to the plus?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Yes, you need to purchase an Office license separately. Programs on new computers are installed by the manufacturer, they are not part of Windows itself.

  3. Radoslav writes:

    Please, is it a perpetual license or an annual one? Specifically for Office 2016. Thanks for the info

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