Aliexpress coupons for May 2023: Regularly updated
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Current Aliexpress discounts and coupons: Regularly updated list

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  1. Jozef writes:

    The TOPE4 coupon cannot be recognized and TOPE7 cannot be entered in the cart even if the order is about 80 USD high without postage - he will write that the minimum coupon amount is not reached. So they both don't work anymore.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, coupons do not work for all products, some sellers have blocked them. You need to try and look for goods at other retailers. But the coupons still work.

  2. Igor Chynoransky writes:

    How is it now with the promotions, which was at first for every €30, there is a €5 discount and now it is only €3,09, it is decreasing every day or it will be the highest on that day 11.11

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, prices and discounts are constantly changing, the best prices were probably from November 1. So you need to buy as soon as possible, better prices during 11.11 on Ali are said to not be available. At least that's what our contact in Ali tells us.

  3. jesus writes:

    I tried about 5 coupons and not a single one was functional... the fact is that it's a punishment.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, some sellers block those coupons. You have to find another one with the same item where the coupon will go.

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