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[November Sales Ended] Apparently Last Aliexpresss Coupons in 2023

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I looked at some items. I will mention Xiaomi 11T Pro 8 / 128GB. Fat discount 29%. From € 925 to € 656 for imports from China, or € 674 from Spain. But the recommended European price is 599 €. Hey, TPD, Agem - € 597. Alza - € 619. Datart, Mall - € 627. Which idiot will buy it in the super discount from Ali, with a one-year warranty, more expensive than in our country…

Peter Pan

and don't forget about tradingshenzen! often the only eshop where you can buy almost all Chinese brands! Alternatively, also Wondamobile.. then also DHgate, but there are mostly refurbs, but there are also shops that offer new ones and there are quite interesting promotions. you can't rent it, especially if it's defective, for example the display is the most expensive part of the phone, you can often throw the phone in the garbage or put it in the garage for parts, you'll have nothing else left..because the repair would cost more than a new phone.. ..until recently, phones could also be bought on banggood or on the heke, which appeared as quickly as it disappeared, and not so long ago, the main seller of phones was gearbest, and for many years before they agreed.. the old golden days..

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In my opinion, it is much weaker this year with snow. For the past years, points could be loaded with games and exchanged for coupons, which could be combined with fixed discounts for the amount of the purchase.. This year there is a terrible Merge Boss, which I will definitely not force myself to play. Coins are also losing value, I have more than 10 of them and it still doesn't look like they are of any use and can be exchanged for coupons 🙁


Hello, why are the €100 coupons not working for me?
It always writes "sorry these coupon codes have already been claimed..."