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11.11 sales: RedmiBook 16 with frameless display, Ryzen 5 and 16 GB RAM now pay off the most

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  1. Kenco writes:

    Bomb bomb, the only pity that it is missing the numeric part of the keyboard. With that display size, it's a shame. Places are plentiful there.

  2. kenco writes:

    Beautiful design, given the equipment perfect price, I would immediately take it with the Ryzen 7 4700U as a replacement for the current laptop, a pity, given its size, it does not have a numeric keypad. It is a great pity, without it, in my opinion, it is a laptop that has perhaps "unnecessarily" high performance, which is more or less intended mainly for consuming content than for work.

  3. Ján writes:

    That's exactly what I thought, a pity for the numerical part…

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