Our experience: Order a Ninebot MAX G30 scooter from DHgate

We ordered the Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter from DHgate and this is our experience

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I have this model that I bought recently. I can immediately reveal two shortcomings (I wonder if you will mark them as shortcomings in the test)
The catastrophically designed bell (it all rattles and shakes) and the second thing, the rear fender is similarly designed as on the xiaomi for a first-generation scooter, when it was not caught and just as it makes an unpleasant rattling sound. The construction is quite solid and high quality, the maximum speed of 35 km / h is great (so that the stupid EU with its cowsheds, customs, electric cars, 25 km / h speed on scooters, restrictions, restrictions, etc.).
I'm looking forward to the test.