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How to set your own ringtone on Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO a smartphone with the MIUI superstructure?

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How do I make a ringtone for a group of people?


It's not possible on my phone, I don't know why


I have created a group of contacts - naor. classmates, I want to assign a specific ringtone - melody to this group. How to proceed? I could enter it on Huawei very easily and elegantly. The above comment does not solve the question posed by Peter.


I don't understand why such stupidity as setting different ringtones FOR A GROUP OF CONTACTS doesn't work. Or maybe yes? How?

Uncle Jonathan

That's nice, but, for example, Poco f3 miui 14 when I actually set ringtones or notifications, it doesn't do anything for me.
Instead of sound, only vibrations and some default weird sound.. (just look at the xda forum or reddit and I write about it there too).. How to fix this?
It worked fine for me on miui 12 and 13, but not even on the latest version 🫤


How to increase the sound of the bell and silence or turn off the sound of notifications, when there is only one slider for that?


How to prevent a warning (appears all the time on the phone) because of the loud sound in the headphones. Phone xiaomi 12 lite