Instructions: How to fix "LDS sensor error" on the Xiaomi Roborock S50 - Xiaomi Planet vacuum cleaner

How to fix "LDS sensor error" on Xiaomi Roborock S50

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  1. TyphoonX writes:

    For me, this problem occurred yesterday. I went to "present" the vacuum cleaner to my mother's house (she wants to buy it and wanted to test it at home) and after the transfer I couldn't run it. The brushes spun, then a different sound than usual was made, and after three attempts, the vacuum cleaner declared the error shown in the picture above (Laser sensor error). I turned the vacuum cleaner off and on and nothing, still the same fault. I did exactly what is above in the picture in the recommendation under an error in the application, namely that I turned the motorcycle by hand, no disassembly or anything. I turned the vacuum cleaner off and on and treaded like nothing. Maybe something was experienced by carrying it in the car, I don't know. So I recommend trying this first.
    Otherwise a great article, just keep going

  2. Roborock fixed writes:

    Had a Roborock S5 for 18 months, and today it gave the Error 1 - LDS sensor error as reported - followed the youtube advice, removed the LDS unit, applied 9V direct to the motor using two wires, the motor then spun freely under power. Replaced the LDS, then powered up the robotic cleaner - now working perfectly, Thanks for the advice, My only question is, „Why did the motor stop responding, and why does applying 9V DC directly to the motor„ fix “the problem?

  3. BUCO writes:

    I threw the same error Error 1 LDS sensor, I replaced it whole, cleaned the whole vacuum cleaner, the LDS sensor rotates but the vacuum cleaner still does not work and does not want to move. It still reports an error from the sensor even if it is replaced. What else can be the problem?

  4. Jamal Kader writes:

    My Rororock S5 reports the same LDS error but the engine and the Laser head rotate normally. What could it be? Buying the whole head costs $ 100 and the problem may not resolve.

  5. Josef Ferda writes:

    Today the same problem, dismantled, connected 9V battery and the motor broke up, the vacuum cleaner works again…

  6. Yes writes:

    Followed the above directions, motor worked on battery. Put back together and it worked perfect! Thank you so much for this great how to!

  7. LKRU writes:

    Great, you helped me a lot. Thanks!

  8. Michal writes:

    The same problem with me. The engine selected rewound flashlight forces about once, did not finish. The problem is sleeping. But I'm waiting for the shipment from the crime scene, so the FW update was sent. I accidentally triggered it with a voice display a few days after the update and it goes again. He managed 3 times already 🙂 I suspect that the last FW update solves the problem with the engine, but I didn't find anything about it.

  9. stefan writes:

    This method works fine but just for a short time !!! The problem may be caused by motor malfunction. In my case it was necessary only to plug off and plug in the sensor, which means the main board has stored an error and keeps it until you exchange the whole Laser module. I heard also something about electronic safe fuse on the main board which can get stuck.

  10. Artur writes:

    Everything is all. I decided to fix the robot thanks to the order above. Replace the cable and the 9v battery with the usual USB cable, which crossed and signed the red and black contacts.
    The robot worked both long.

  11. Juraj writes:

    We bought a vacuum cleaner, but during the first pairing where everything went smoothly, it always throws in the noifications 2x internal error… We tried to restart about 20 times and still the same around… Wrong piece? Who?

  12. Martin writes:

    Fixed according to the instructions. Thanks

  13. Emma writes:

    Hello, thank you, fixed according to the instructions and still working.

  14. Veronika writes:

    It helped, thank you very much!

  15. We don't writes:

    Thank you! IT was so easy to solve the issue.

  16. Fega writes:

    How did you pull the orange pulley from the rotor of the old motorcycle? The new motor came only from an empty rotor, but the pulley cannot be removed as if it were glued or pressed there….

  17. chris2021 writes:

    I have a Roborock S7, and I had a similar issue, but it turned out to be debris (cat sand) between the LIDAR housing and the motor assembly. A quick disassembly and cleaning fixed it! For other folks, be sure to use a high power flashlight to look for debris. These instructions were super useful even on the newer model. Thank you!

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