Global Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro with NFC payment support is here!

The global Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro appeared on sale in the first Slovak e-shop!

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666 mahogany

Is that what you mean?
We don't have more information about payments yet, but apparently they will work in the same way as in the case of the previous generation Band 7 Pro.
7 pro does not have an NFC chip and therefore cannot be paid.


Does it support both VISA and Mastercard cards?


Thanks for the info, I'll wait to see how SLSP reacts to this as it boasted that it will support xiaomi band 7 NFC and newer models for Xiaomi pay with VISA card support. I have band 7 NFC and the VISA card also works there.


I would not be entirely sure if the bracelet will be used for payments. At least Slovak banks don't allow Google Wallet to be installed in Chinese phones, so it probably won't be any different with bracelets either


We have Mi band 6 NFC, Mi band 7 NFC, Watch s1 active in our family and we pay with them just fine. Bank SLSP Visa card, for two models I go through Curve, one model supports Visa card directly.

666 mahogany

I couldn't find the option to enter a payment card anywhere in the application or the bracelet. How is it possible?


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The global version of Xiaomi smart band 8 pro does NOT have NFC. How do I know? I own it since some weeks ago. It was sold by Mistore in Sweden, by mistake, before it was supposed to be on sale. Then pulled from the webshop. You can check it here