Yi Dome U is a great 2K camera for very little money
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Beautiful black YI Dome U Security 2K smart home camera in EU stock has become cheaper at a record € 36!

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  1. David writes:

    The coupon does not work

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, the sales ended this morning.

  2. David writes:

    It is a pity. I would not hesitate for such a price

  3. Vlado writes:

    now it is via mobile on ali in action for 26.78 plus post, so buy as long as you can 😀

  4. David writes:

    It finally worked

  5. Michal writes:

    Is it with Appka Mi Home? Is that something of my own? Thanks

  6. David writes:

    It disappointed me that I had to have another application. This is impractical with multiple cameras. Because of this department, I have doubts about their partnership with xiaomi

    1. Editorial writes:

      Yi cameras have always had their own applications.

  7. David writes:

    Video quality is significantly higher with xiaomi

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