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Record price in CZ stock: Xiaomi Mijia night lamp 2 has WiFi, 16 million colors and voice control

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  1. Biker61 writes:

    I wanted to take advantage of the discount, but it doesn't work at this price. The lamp is on offer for 42,50 Euros, as I write within PROMO. Where could be the problem?

    1. Editorial writes:

      It is necessary to enter a discount coupon in the cart, it is not enough to click on the seller. We have a video tutorial: https://dealplanet.sk/kompletny-videonavod-banggood/

  2. Biker61 writes:

    I entered the discount coupon in the cart, but the message jumped out that it is not possible to use the discount coupon for goods marked "PROMO" and "VIP". So I wonder if the lamp is "PROMO"? Once added to the cart, is it marked as such or not? And therefore, whether the discount coupon can be used.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, We've just tested the coupon and it's still working. Try it via PC.

  3. Vlado writes:

    Good day
    I bought the lamp, it came, but it's made on a Chinese socket, it doesn't even fit the included adapter, so I can't plug it into electricity, any ideas, or you can't give me a link to the right adapter?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, a classic adapter for EU sockets is enough, it can also be bought in SK stores up to 5 €.

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