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The first smart RGBW bulb under the Xiaomi brand Mijia has WiFi and a great low price

Mijia, as a partner brand of Xiaomi, deals with various smart home products with a number of intelligent functions. Now comes the new smart bulb, which was created exclusively under the baton of this brand. It is interesting that this bulb is manufactured by Xiaomi in cooperation with the well-known brand Philips.

Xiaomi Yeelight LED bulb is ridiculously cheap. It is sold in packs of 10 and has a good life

Within its product ecosystem, Xiaomi also has smaller electronics and gadgets such as light bulbs. Yeelight is a subsidiary which, as the name suggests, is mainly dedicated to lighting. The really cheap Yeelight YLDP LED bulb is available in two power…

The beautiful Yeelight Edison smart bulb with a traditional industrial design is already on sale

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has its partner brand Yeelight focused primarily on the sale of smart lights or accessories. Now it brings a new kind of intelligent Yeelight Edison light bulb, which will bring more functions, while maintaining the traditional clear and industrial design of a standard light bulb. Already…




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