Still very low price: The most affordable 70mai Dash Cam 1S car camera with FullHD video in the EU stock

There are various pitfalls lurking for the driver. Therefore, it is good to have a record of your travels in case of an accident. A great camera from the 70mai workshop, which is specified for car technology, will serve you richly for this. The word is about…

New coupon in EU stock: 70mai Dash Cam Pro car camera with quality 2,7K video

Safety when driving is extremely important. The technology giants are also aware of this, offering car cameras in their portfolio. Although it is not directly a safety feature, it can be used to document an accident or other damage event. Great 70mai Dash…

Amazing 70mai A800 car camera with high 4K resolution is already on sale at a reduced price

The 70mai brand is a partner brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi. It offers a number of car accessories in its portfolio, including cameras. The new 70mai A800 model, which is currently in preparation, will offer high 4K resolution. You can buy it through crowdfunding Manufacturer…

70mai Air Compressor Lite is a compact compressor with a pressure of 160 PSI. Cheapened to the lowest value

Xiaomi's 70mai company brings a new in-car compressor that is really compact. It is a 70mai Air Compressor Lite with great parameters for an even better price. Fantastic price The new product from the 70mai workshop significantly competes with the Xiaomi pocket compressor…

The powerful 70mai Jump Starter MAX power bank has 18 mAh and will kick the truck

In the circle of Xiaomi fans, the well-known brand 70Mai, which belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem, brings to the market an improved 70mai Jump Starter MAX power bank. In addition to great endurance, premium and quality workmanship, it will attract you mainly thanks to the possibility to start your car in vo

Aliexpress sale: Powerful 70mai air compressor with display in EU stock for a great price

The 70mai brand is one of Xiaomi's subsidiaries, which manufactures car accessories. In the past, we have introduced several car cameras from this brand. The 70mai brand brings a great portable air compressor that can be found in every car or garage.

The 70mai has a padded smart rearview mirror with a large 9,35 ″ display. In stock with a great coupon in the EU

Do you have an ordinary rear-view mirror in your car? How about upgrading your dad with such a piece of technology? The 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide has a full HD image, a large 9,35 ″ display, a backup camera, emergency recording and WiFi. About one smart rear-view mirror from the… brand

The 70mai brand produces great gadgets for our cars, but now it is planning its first smart watch

Xiaomi offers cooperation with several partner brands. One of them is the 70mai brand, which is currently preparing its first smart watch. There will even be testing of this product, in which you can also participate. Watches from the brand…

Xiaomi 70Mai car tire pressure monitor has app, solar charging and great price in EU stock

The manufacturer 70Mai is not unknown to us. Together with Xiaomi, it mainly produces car cameras, but also other car accessories. A relatively unknown product that is surprising is the Xiaomi 70mai Tire Pressure Monitoring System. In the European…

The Xiaomi 70mai air purifier will bring fresh air to your car. It's the perfect price

Each of us knows it. You travel by car and suddenly you smell an unpleasant odor from outside or you get dust or other dirt in your car. However, Xiaomi brings a practical air purifier under its 70mai brand for car gadgets.

Xiaomi 70Mai brand has all the gadgets for your car in a massive EU stock

Xiaomi brings together hundreds of different brands in its ecosystem that produce quality products. These include the company 70Mai, which is engaged in the production of great products for our "dads". Great prices in the EU stock From quality cameras, through compressors, to pressure sensors…

Unreal: The new Xiaomi 70mai electric smart scooter has a 6,86 ″ screen, FullHD camera and 70km range

China is still showing its dominance in the electrical engineering industry, and Xiaomi is only confirming this. Together with the well-known brand 70mai, it brings a new bloated novelty through the Xiaomi Youpin platform. It is an intelligent electric scooter Xiaomi 70mai A1 and A1 Pro. 💣 YOU MUST KNOW:…




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