Xiaomi works on a smartphone with a huge amount of RAM found in high-performance computers

We live in a time of technological prosperity. Everything is moving forward at a rapid speed, and smartphone manufacturers are also pushing the boundaries of possibilities. More powerful devices are coming every day. They have a better camera, display and don't forget about RAM. Who will have 16 GB of RAM? According to unofficial…

Monster: Black Shark 3 5G gaming smartphone will be the first smartphone with a decent 16 GB of RAM

Thanks to its subsidiary Black Shark, Xiaomi is preparing the third generation of its powerful 5G smartphone designed for the mobile gaming sector. Under the name Black Shark 3 5G, it should also become the first smartphone to be equipped with up to 16….

[REVIEW] We ordered one of the best Xiaomi laptops from China: Incredible quality at a special price

Xiaomi began manufacturing laptops in 2016, introducing its very first 12,5 and 13,3-inch Mi Notebook Air. Later we saw the 15,6-inch Mi Notebook Pro with even better equipment. Although it is not the latest laptop, even in…

A well-known vendor has again launched a price tornado, this time on Xiaomi laptops. Models with i7 and 16 GB RAM for a minimum

Do you still remember the sale of several Xiaomi smartphones launched by the Banggood dealer? So the same vendor has now launched the same price frenzy on Xiaomi laptops. For a long time we did not have the opportunity to buy them at such good prices. YOU NEED TO KNOW 11 BENEFITS OF BUYING…




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