The new premium Smartmi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 looks amazing
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Premium Xiaomi Smartmi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 for a record € 72 in EU stock. It can reduce dust in the home

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  1. Daniel Simmer writes:

    It's a pity that those coupons for gshopper don't work when delivered to the Czech Republic :(

    1. Editorial writes:

      We will try to arrange a coupon for you for the Czech Republic as well. 🙂

    2. Editorial writes:

      Hello, try to use this coupon: F632C04CC9

  2. Daniel Simmer writes:

    The meeting does not work, but thanks for the effort.) I ordered here through an acquaintance in Slovakia. 72 euros is a great price.

    1. Editorial writes:

      So that's how you solved it, great 🙂

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