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The RedmiBook 16 in the version with Ryzen 7 and 16 GB of RAM got the lowest since it was sold

The May Redmi conference brought with it several new products that excel in price and…

The new powerful smartphone from Redmi is to be called Redmi K30 Ultra. It will bring amazing gear

Redmi is preparing its next smartphone from the K30 series. It will be called Redmi K30…

The top Redmi Note 9 Pro in the 128 GB version received a record price. Now you only pay 215 euros for it!

The year 2020 is almost in its middle and many manufacturers have managed to present their latest…

The Redmi Note 9S in the 128 GB version received a price below 190 euros, for which it offers exceptional quality

The latest, the ninth series of popular Redmi Note smartphones officially enters Europe. Xiaomi na…

The new powerful Redmi smartphone is to come with a Dimensity 1000+ processor and a 120 Hz OLED display

The fact that Xiaomi and Redmi will bring inflated flagships this year is clear to almost everyone. '

[REVIEW] Redmi Note 9 Pro is so good that it catches up on much more expensive smartphones

As part of its subsidiary Redmi, Xiaomi offers affordable and very well-equipped…

Unreal: Redmi Note 8 Pro dropped to a record € 160. Game processor, 64 MPx and 4500 mAh

It is here. A moment waiting for many people interested in the perfect piece of Redmi Note 8…

Initial information about the upcoming Redmi K40 smartphone: Fast charging and 108 MPx camera

At the end of 2019, the Redmi brand introduced to the world an excellent middle-class smartphone - the Redmi K30. A pair…

We are testing the Redmi Note 9 Pro, the best-equipped middle-class model. Ask what interests you

The Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone is the best-equipped model in the current Redmi Note series designed for…

Redmi AX5 is the manufacturer's first router with Wi-Fi 6 and a speed of 1 Mbps. We can already order it

The new Redmi AX5 router is the first in Redmi's portfolio to support the latest Wi-Fi standard…

The cheap Redmi TV Soundbar has a new lowest price: 30 W power and dual surround sound

After several unverified or leaked information, Redmi TV Soundbar from… saw the official light of day.

Redmi Note 9 Pro vs. Redmi Note 9S vs. Redmi Note 9: These are the main differences in equipment

The successful series of mid-range smartphones called Redmi Note has been enriched by three… this year.




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