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Wireless Xiaomi Lofans steam iron with a power of 2000 W receives a new coupon in the CZ warehouse

A new steam iron from Lofans has appeared on the list of products belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Xiaomi Smartmi intelligent toilet board will surprise you with what it can do. She received a new coupon

Chinese Xiaomi has a number of crazy products in its organic chain, which often surprises us. Between…

Xiaomi Shunzao Z11 vacuum cleaner with a proper output of 26 Pa and display for the first time in CZ stock

The Chinese company Xiaomi also has a number of hand-held vacuum cleaners in its product portfolio. The latest model is Shunzao Z11 from…

The compact 70mai Air Compressor Lite with a pressure of 11 bar received a new coupon with an excellent price

Xmaomi's 70mai brings a new in-car compressor that's really compact.

Xiaomi Mi Monitor 27 ″ with 165 Hz frequency and QHD resolution has arrived in CZ warehouse and has the lowest price so far

Chinese Xiaomi has been involved in computer monitors for some time. In my portfolio…

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera Pro with 2K video is the best smart home camera manufacturer. He gets a new coupon

China's Xiaomi portfolio offers several home smart security cameras in its portfolio. For 2020…

HIMO Z16 with a range of 80 km is one of the cheapest Xiaomi electric bicycles. Has a new coupon in EU stock

Xiaomi is also expanding its portfolio of electric bicycles in 2020, and together with the HIMO brand they have introduced…

Xiaomi Smartda sterilizer disinfects objects with UV light and ozone. It has a great coupon in the CZ warehouse

An interesting Xiaomi Smartda HD-ZMXDJ01 sterilizer has appeared in the incredibly wide portfolio of Xiaomi products.

These non-slip outdoor Xiaomi RAX sneakers can handle more demanding sports and look great. The price will surprise

The new sneakers from the Xiaomi workshop called Xiaomi RAX offer high durability, thanks to which they can handle…

This is the cheapest heated jacket from Xiaomi. It reaches a temperature of up to 53 ° C and now has the best price

Some time ago we brought you some tips on smart heated jackets from the workshop…

Xiaomi 17PIN smoothie maker will prepare a tasty "sadness" for you. It is available for the first time in a Czech warehouse

Xiaomi and its partner companies are constantly developing new products that often surprise us.…




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