Xiaomi will end system updates for these 8 smartphones from September - Xiaomi Planet

Xiaomi will stop system updates for these 8 smartphones from September

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  1. TT writes:

    Well, comrades are playing with fire, let them keep their flagships. Samsung is ultra expensive, but at least it guarantees software support for 5 years👍

  2. brands writes:

    I have a xiaomi redmi note 11 for 5g, but no update has arrived, it crashes every now and then, the charging connector is loose and the warranty service said that everything is fine, I am disappointed and I have three more payments and I am dealing with another brand.

  3. Jan writes:

    Congratulations, now they have convinced me that I will not buy another Xiaomi even if it is made of gold.... Not making software for a 2-year-old phone is a shame.... I'm going to Apple

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