Xiaomi Celestron SCTW-70: The Great Astronomical Telescope [COUPONS]
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Xiaomi Celestron astronomical telescope with 70 mm objective after a long time again in CZ stock. We have a new coupon

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  1. Martin writes:

    But I don't know, after entering the coupon (even without it) the eu shows the priority line for 16,72 and not free

    1. Editorial writes:

      Yes, they charged for the transport, the prices of transport increased quite a lot during this period. We fixed it in the article.

  2. Samuel writes:

    For such a price, you can buy much better telescopes and I can say for myself that a telescope with a diameter of 70 mm is useless even for beginners, because with such a small diameter, it pays to watch just massaging. At home I also have a telescope with a diameter of 102 mm and with that some deep sky objects are quite difficult to observe and I have the telescope for 110 € and it has much better parameters. So I can't even imagine how much worse the picture will be on this.

  3. Erik writes:

    What telescope do you use? I plan to buy but I don't know much about it.

  4. Raduz writes:

    Hi Samo,

    and what kind of telescope would you recommend? I would also like to observe deep sky objects.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Samuel writes:

    I have a Levenhuk Skyline Base 100 telescope. In my opinion, it is made for beginners. You can observe a lot with it (nebulae, planets, star clusters and galaxies) on a telescope with a diameter of 102 mm and for the price of 110 € for the beginnings the best you can have.

  6. Samuel writes:

    Levenhuk Skyline Base 100 s

  7. julo writes:

    can it be connected to a camera?

  8. F writes:

    Does anyone have it? I'm happy with it, but when I tried to use that barlow lens with 20mm and 4mm lens for the moon and Jupiter, it was still blurred and I couldn't focus it in any way. Otherwise great

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