Xiaomi unveils new solid state battery technology - Xiaomi Planet

Xiaomi is testing a new solid-state battery technology that will increase energy density while maintaining dimensions

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Pythro de

“The company claims their fledgling solid-state battery technology achieves an energy density of more than 1000 Wh/L. This means a 20% improvement in discharge performance” …. I don't understand how the amount of energy contained in the battery (or energy density calculated per unit of volume or weight) is directly related to the speed of its charging/discharging, that is really a mystery to me, answer: almost nothing, because the correlation coefficient was not even close to 1 homeopathic bypass
it can simply be a 5Ah battery that is charged with a maximum power of 33W (because it is not built for more) and it can be a 4Ah battery that is charged with a power of 300W (the latest xiaomi hocus-pocus), everything depends on the design of the battery

for decades there have been 5-6 completely different concepts for batteries in consumer electronics, and those concepts are completely different from today's li-ion with liquid electrolyte (solid batteries are one of them)

the article acts like a missed fairy tale in the style that, for God's sake, it should have been installed 20 years ago
but since it was not implemented, there are probably problems, whether technical (a 20% increase in energy density is not as impressive as, for example, 50% or 80%, the number of charge/discharge cycles, charge/discharge speed, or other limitations...) , or economic aspects of production

A 20% increase in energy content simply means that the mobile phone will be 1 mm thicker and 15 g heavier. Anyone who wants to can still offer 6 Ah batteries in mobile phones today (not to mention the fact that there are various military editions of protected skeleton mobile phones (with parameters of the lower middle class) on rocks, in the mud or under car wheels and where the battery is 11 Ah, or 11000 mAh)


precisely here, when inserting a 6000 mAh battery, the dimensions did not change, that's exactly what it's about, the same dimensions, greater density, higher battery capacity. It might change the weight, but the dimensions will remain the same.