Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat will make your toilet smart
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Xiaomi Smartmi smart toilet board with heating at one of the lowest prices in the Polish warehouse

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  1. Robert writes:

    The subject of the sale is not a "bowl" but only an intelligent "cutting board", which, however, may not be compatible with EU bowls….

  2. Nicholas writes:

    I don't know why, but it shows me the availability only from the Chinese warehouse, the priority line is for 12 € and the price of the board after the discount is 198 €, can you advise me please?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, the CZ warehouse is already sold out.

  3. Barbara writes:

    Wondering what this board is made with and what is its maximum load capacity?

  4. Lukas writes:

    Good day,

    you could check somewhere what the hole (hole) has because some foreign forums describe it, that it is small enough for a European "ass". So this would help a lot because I know such boards for SVK and they are 3 to 5 times more expensive if they also have heating. Therefore, I am interested in this with an interesting price tag, just so that it does not happen that only children will use it 🙂

    well thank you

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