Xiaomi has introduced a unique NFC strap, thanks to which you can pay

Xiaomi has introduced a unique NFC strap that will allow you to pay with any watch

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  1. Dalibor writes:

    No and not again !!! Sorry, this title is misleading!
    If Xiaomi does not set up a comprehensive payment system (such as Apple, Google, Garmin and Fitbit), does not agree with payment card issuers (VISA + Mastercard) and does not agree with local banks, then you can have an NCF chip wherever you want, but DO NOT COMPLETE with it !!

    1. Editorial writes:

      Nowhere is it stated that Xiaomi cannot extend this bracelet with payments via Google Pay or other services. It has great potential for the future. But in the meantime, they will start with their own payment service, which is logical. We believe that Xiaomi will expand the possibilities of contactless payments in its watches and Mi Bands. It just takes time.

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