Mi Smart Clock and Mi 360º Home Security Camera 2K Pro are official
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Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock and Mi 360º Home Security Camera 2K Pro are new smart devices for Europe

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  1. Michal writes:

    Hello / Hello,

    please, is this camera different from the one you wrote about a few days ago?


    Thank you for the information.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, Mi Smart Camera Pro is the same camera, except that it is the Chinese version and only works under the Mainland China region in the Mi Home application. If you already have some Xiaomi devices set up in the Slovakia region, for example, then those devices will not work for you in the Chinese region. The Mi 360º Home Security Camera 2K Pro is designed for Europe and will also work in the Slovak region.

  2. Lukas writes:

    I also bought a bell (it goes parade and also the alarm clock, but it only goes in CN (or mandarin).
    can you please tell me how to change it resp. what to do?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, since you purchased the Chinese version of the watch, it is not possible to change the language.

  3. Stefan writes:

    Hello, I would like to ask when a smart clock will be available on sk or whether it can be bought somewhere at all, thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, if you are not mistaken, SK is already wrong, it is not possible to buy through our partners from China yet.

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