Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S is an improved photo printer for a great price
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Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S is an enhanced smart photo printer. She received a great coupon with a low price

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  1. ulba writes:

    So I don't know, I ordered it at a discount in the amount of about 1600, - and yesterday the mail that they said they had the wrong product description and product number, with the proviso that it was supposed to be just photo paper and not the whole printer, but that they had already sent it 31.12. and so they can't cancel it. Supposedly, if I keep the paper, give me an amazing 15% discount on the printer…. When I wrote them that definitely, because the paper costs less than 20 bucks and I also ordered paper for the printer and that it will both be completely useless to me, so 2x photo paper, if I do not have how to print it, they wrote me off the shipment, so I do not take over. So I don't know if the chat and the printer is in the package, but I don't want me to have it so cheaply, or if they really only sent photo paper….

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the seller had a mistake on the web when he sold the printer for about 55 €. They've only found out now, and if necessary, we can help you get a refund if you ordered the printer through us.

  2. ulba writes:

    I used this code so probably yes, at least I hope so. Today, two packages came from the mailroom and unfortunately they were shipments from Banggod, which I did not know otherwise I would not take them over. And unfortunately they really only sent photo paper, and the little one… The second one I ordered to the printer arrived in the second package, which is of course ok but useless without the printer. I understand that they did not want to give it for half price, but I do not understand such an approach from them fskt to send something completely different. So if you could help somehow I would be happy and grateful. Thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, send us your order details by e-mail https://xiaomiplanet.sk/kontakt/

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