Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC: Contactless payments and the best price
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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC with payment support from our SK partner with a coupon. We know how to pay with VISA cards

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  1. Nabrus.to writes:

    We have 5ku, it's a great bracelet, but I would welcome support for payments via NFC. So we are looking forward to it starting in Slovakia as well.

  2. LuFus writes:

    There is still no possibility in your survey that I own a Mi smart band 6 without NFC and I will not buy the same because of NFC.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hmmm, why not pick up the "I'm so interested" option

  3. Lukáš writes:

    Hello, It is already officially confirmed that the NFC in this framework can be used in Slovakia, e.g. with Cruve? Or is there an internet bank (mBank, 365 bank, csob smart…) that will also provide the opportunity to use this bracelet for NFC payments in Slovakia free of charge? And when? (at least in what year)?
    Regarding payments - is it necessary to add the Mastercard card to google pay on the phone first, or can the card be added via Mi Fit (or another app) directly to the MiBand 6 bracelet?
    And one more question - I understand well that MiBand 6 without NFC does not include the possibility of voice. Amazon assistant Alexa, but MiBand 6 NFC already contains? (so it also has a microphone from the version without NFC, for example?)

    1. Editorial writes:

      Everything we know about payments so far, we wrote here https://xiaomiplanet.sk/platby-xiaomi-mi-band-slovensko/

      Through Curve, it should also work on SK. The card is added directly to the Mi Fit app. We will test the assistant and describe in the review exactly how it works.

  4. PAvol writes:

    I have had it for a week and maximum satisfaction.
    I used to have MI Band 5 and the difference is obvious. You already know a lot of things on the bracelet and you don't need a mobile phone. For example, an alarm clock, there is also the option of a flashlight, controlling the camera. And I certainly haven't discovered much yet.
    The flashlight lasted exactly 7 days with a small reserve. I couldn't add cards at first. but after x-attempts on different days, it finally let me add cards. You can add any card, but if the bracelet does not support it, it will not verify it and print an error. The Slovak mBank works for me, and of course the CURVE card mentioned in every review, which I ordered for free.
    As for the measurement of blood oxygenation, the measurement takes longer and is not as accurate as on a finger. It measures 96% for me and I always have at least 98-99% on my finger. But as an orientation fine. The first measurement scared me, because it measured only 80%. So you must not move and have a firm commitment.

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