Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump Review: This gadget is a must have

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump Electric Compressor Should Every Bike or Scooter Owner Have

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I'm using it to clean my laptop 😀 it has a powerfull airflow

Don't die

I have now ordered from dhgate and delivery is not written until November and nowhere is it written about shipment from the EU warehouse, so I am curious…


Hello, the compressor is available in Polish or Spanish warehouse. Here you can see it on the screen https://postimg.cc/gLznrXy2

Try opening the product via this link: https://www.dhgate.com/store/product/xiaomi-mi-electric-inflator-pump-portable/499738000.html?f=bm| aff | yfaf | 101099 |


Received mine today and it does not work correctly...
The pressure indicator switches constantly between 1.7 Bar and 2.0 and never reaches more than 2.4 on my bicycle tires.
Looks good from the outside and very promising specs for a reasonable price, but not important if it doesn't work.
Will return for refund (shop in Belgium)


I ordered a compressor from a warehouse in Poland, price 28 € without additional fees. Delivered to the given address in 5 days. Very satisfied, I recommend buying a compressor!


Sold Out. 🙁 We have to wait.


I borrowed my brother's unit to inflate my bicycle's tires… worked as advertized. I was very impressed when it even topped up my van's under inflated tires (though it took some time). I bought one the very next day from an official Xiaomi store.