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Xiaomi Mi Gaming Monitor 34 ″ in the version for Europe for the lowest price in CZ stock: 144 Hz and 2K resolution

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  1. Mario Kovačič writes:

    Next year I will buy a new monitor and this will be a hot candidate. The price is a little higher and I will have it more for multimedia but it's Xiaomi. So I am sure I will get the best for my money. And size is just right. I am currently 27 and I just want something bigger. And now they're just pre-orders so the price will definitely go down.

  2. Koso Kosovan writes:

    The monitor is on its way. So I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Faustzwei writes:

    144Hz and 4ms response 😂. Let me keep 😂.

  4. Juraj writes:

    Coupon (BGHUD759595959) is not valid

  5. Roman writes:

    Hmmm discount again nowhere BGBAN7085 this coupon is already death: -DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    1. Editorial writes:

      All coupons are limited by time, but also by the number of uses. Despite the big sales that are currently taking place in Banggood, coupons are running out all the faster, so it is necessary to buy as quickly as possible. Some coupons only last a few hours. We've updated the coupon in the article.

  6. Burn writes:

    limited yes BGOP8080 = This coupon can only be used 38 times, so only a really limited number of people in EMEA can buy it

  7. Stefan writes:

    I don't know if it's just such a great price .. Just about a week ago I bought normally here at sk eshop acer monitor. It is true that it is "only" 32 inches and does not have a height adjustment, but the other parameters are identical, even my acer also has speakers, although only so that it does not say, but they are there. I gave for him about 260 euros with postage

  8. Roman writes:

    broken ika classic

    1. Editorial writes:

      The coupon is still active. It must be used in the basket. https://postimg.cc/Tpk51ZbR

      Or try this: BGCVXMCZ

  9. brands writes:

    Ordered🤗 I hope it comes as soon as possible😀

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