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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 for 388 € in CZ stock: Power up to 600 W and better folding mechanism

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  1. Radoslav writes:

    So again ??? Instead of a truly new generation, does it bring another "facelift" ??? Xiaomi my electric scooter 2 pro is a good scooter, but I kind of expected from the new generation more than replacing 2-3 old components. Of course they didn't add damping, or at least 10 inch tires za. For me a big disappointment, I'll still wait for 3 pro (if any). Amazing they put a more powerful engine there and left the max speed at a ridiculous 25 km / h ??? and again everyone will play it with their own software…

  2. Magy writes:

    As I read all the specifications and description, the only thing that seems to have really changed is the unfortunate folding mechanism.
    The battery is basically the same. After the old 7800mAh, after the new 7650mAh. The paper is even weaker, but the 150mAh is probably just another setting of the high voltage when charging in bms.
    The old battery had a lot of flies and I already got some faulty batteries of the new generation. If they learned from the mistakes on the old battery, they made it even more complicated and error-prone. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    The engine is definitely not new, without interfering with the fw is the top consumption from the 16-17A battery and everyone can calculate that with a fully charged battery of about 41V it is 650-700W. After botox, he can easily handle 25A.
    Those blue rubber details can be bought at AliExpress for a few euros.
    So what is the main improvement for me?

  3. milan writes:

    I don't think it would be a more powerful engine, if it puts 600W in the peak, the nominal is 300W - ie. same engine power as PRO and PRO 2, so improvements only in the folding mechanism…

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