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The new coupon for Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in the global version triggers the price to excellent value

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  1. Thomas writes:

    Did Mi Band 5 happen to support NFC payments as well?

  2. Lubo writes:

    Good day,

    does that mean the Chinese version?
    Will it be possible to set the ENG language version?

    Well thank you.


    1. Editorial writes:

      The English language will have, similar to previous versions. Later, it will be possible to upload the modified firmware with SK or CZ language.

  3. Peter writes:

    I want to order me5 and when I change the version to Global, the price will change to 110 €…. Can you advise me?

    1. Editorial writes:

      This is because the global version is not available and they are not for sale, so their page lists Unavailable. The global version will probably be available in a month at the earliest.

  4. Noro writes:

    So is it worth pre-ordering the act? Or wait for Global? NFC payments are very uninteresting… It is more important for me whether it will be after English.

    1. Editorial writes:

      The Chinese version also has English, but only if you also have the phone switched to English. The global version has an English language, even if the phone is in Slovak. It's definitely more convenient. We don't have info yet about NFC payments in the Global version, as it has not been officially introduced.

  5. Marián writes:

    Hello, I want to ask if the sensors will flash like my band 4 when monitoring activity, or will sensors that do not need light be used?

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