Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro are the best headphones of the brand so far. We have a coupon
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Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro premium headphones with ANC and wireless charging received a record price of only € 62

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  1. Jo writes:

    Hearing aid hardawer is good, but that's where it ends. The application is not available in the google store at all, but you only need to download the Chinese version, where everything is in Chinese. ANC nothing much and of course switches only using the Chinese application. I do not recommend the purchase until the English application is available.

  2. Michaela writes:

    I agree with the previous comment, the headphones play great, but if you don't know Chinese, there's nothing to set up. Btw I solve the complaint because the left side after 2 min. announces gong and prestones to play.

  3. Dean writes:

    This coupon has expired

    1. Editorial writes:

      New code: BGAIR2P01

  4. Mirec writes:

    Lol, 80e, ebay 30 £ and it is the same model 2 pro with anc

    1. Editorial writes:

      They cannot be the same… or are used. You will not find the Air 2 Pro model anywhere at such low prices. Just look at Aliexpress, for example.

  5. Michal writes:

    The application is in Cinstine, but when you point it at the google translator, everything is immediately clear. Noise control can be controlled on the headphones;)

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