Xiaomi Mi 11: You can buy it the cheapest here thanks to stock prices
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The best smartphone in the €400 category? Xiaomi Mi 11 as a flagship from 2021 with a 2K AMOLED display and a 108 MPx camera

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  1. Thomas writes:

    POGGERS, the price seems too good to me for what it offers. I mean, if I order it from China

  2. Alexander writes:

    I just fell in love. This is Mr. Mobile. I already want him at home ❤️

  3. Denis writes:

    I honestly waited, he slept the camera behind a hidden display and made a more practical and durable display. Unfortunately, none of it: /

  4. Lucia writes:

    I also expected a much higher price, but it can still rise for Europe.

  5. Stanislav writes:

    If you don't overdo it with a diagonal .. It's like you're already buying a tablet…. But otherwise the parameters are great

  6. TT writes:

    If 8 + 128 can be bought in Europe up to 550e, I would like to know about it right away. Dik

  7. Milan writes:

    The global version will definitely be more expensive, but that's what the Mi 11 looks like and the equipment so I want it, I'll wait for the global price

  8. Milan writes:

    Amazing cell phone. Already to be here. That price will be lower from EU warehouses in half a year. No need to buy right away.

  9. Bart Bart writes:

    I am calmly writing to you here, after reading only the title of the article, mentioning the main benefit, put it between the two halves. And next time, I would recommend all manufacturers to put something brown stinky in the box instead of phones. I believe that there will be a flock of sheep who will have only five ode.

  10. Roman Kevicky writes:

    As the price in China will only be up to € 600, prices in the EU will be around € 200 higher. We haven't read in the article about versions for.

  11. Valeria writes:

    I would like to ask if it will also have an FM radio function?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Probably not.

  12. Stefan writes:

    I would be interested in buying but I don't know if ordering from China is right for me.
    I'm not an expert to run a cell phone.
    I will probably have to wait and buy a mobile phone in Slovakia. If it will be for a good price.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, if you choose a phone with the Xiaomi.EU system in the store, it will come to you with the installed global system, where Slovak will be available for selection the first time you start it. The store will install Slovak for you there. We have been working with the same Mi 11 and the same Xiaomi.EU system since March 2021 and the phone still treads like a watch.

  13. Lukáš writes:

    Hello, how is it now with customs and VAT? is everything already included? Thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, nothing extra is paid, the price of the phone + postage is the final price for you. At the moment, the Global Priority transport works flawlessly and nothing extra is paid for.

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