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Best Price: Waterproof Xiaomi smart camera does not need cables, has FullHD video, 100 days endurance

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Samuel Stiblar

Good day. The camera came to me, but he doesn't want to connect it at all. Thank you for every help

Jonda Brezula's spring

the cable that is there to charge the gateway is also used to charge the camera?

Peter Sedláček

How to set videos to be stored only on the SD card and not sent over the Internet to the server? I don't have that much free data.

Peter Kurocka

It is said that it records only 10 seconds of movement. The question is whether they catch animals and cars or just people?
And through which application is it controlled?
Thanks for the answers.

Robert Barat

It has already come to me, ie with Chinese instructions, but I set it up accordingly according to the video up here, quite easily ..

Koso Kosovan

I ordered it, and really great satisfaction. Xiaomi did not disappoint.


Can I have two cameras and one gateway? How many cameras can geteway at once?

Igor IQual

I'm interested in the camera… but I would soon take to an IP streaming camera outdoors… doing on something like Xiaomi.?

Branislav Mesiarik

You won't get any help here. You can first put up with throwing money out the window like I did.


Hello, what is your problem with the device? Contact us by e-mail or via FB message, send proof of order and we will look into it.