Wanbo TT: Beautiful Black Projector with 650 ANSI and Netflix [COUPONS]
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Record price €245 in the Czech warehouse! The beautiful black Wanbo TT projector has a 120″ FullHD image, 650 ANSI brightness and Netflix certification

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  1. Ivo Vavruška writes:

    It is possible to install Kodi on Wanbo tt

    1. Editorial writes:

      Of course 🙂

  2. marian writes:

    The coupon is no longer valid :/

    1. Editorial writes:

      We are trying to get a new one 🙂 And there will be big March sales from the 21st on Geekbuying, so there will definitely be discounts.

  3. Marian writes:

    How exactly can Kodi be installed on this projector? I already have the projector at home, but I can't see Kodi in the applications.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, through the Google Play store in the classic way.

  4. Abromaniac writes:

    Wanbo tt has its own app store... there is neither Kodi nor Disney+... it can only be done through sharing from phones...

    1. Editorial writes:

      Then try to download the .apk file via the Internet and install it in the projector. We haven't had time to test it yet, so we didn't know it didn't have a Play Store..

  5. Marian writes:

    Google Play Store is not on this projector. Or did I miss something?

  6. Marian writes:

    How can this file be installed? I copied the APK to USB, but the projector does not display this file.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the projector arrived for testing and we find that it probably does not have the classic Android, as we have been used to with Wanbo. Apparently it's a modified Linux-based system that has its own Netrange app store. We couldn't install Kodi either, it doesn't accept .apk files from Android. The only solution will be to use the projector with a Xiaomi TV Stick or another Android stick / box.

  7. GG writes:

    I can't play .avi files on the projector via USB, but it plays .mkv, is it a mistake, or is it possible to play movies in .avi format?

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