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Xiaomi AI bell with FullHD camera, lasting 2 months and changing the voice has a great price with a new coupon

We already know that Xiaomi brings devices such as doorbells to the market. Now, however, it introduces a novelty vs. cooperation with the Xiaomo brand and brings a new intelligent AI bell with a FullHD camera. He can handle face identification, night mode…

Xiaomi smart doorbell with WiFi, HD camera and face recognition got a new coupon in the EU warehouse

The variety of products from the Xiaomi brand has no limits. Through their e-commerce platform YouPin, they want to kick interesting products of other Chinese startups. One of the latest products is the Xiaomi Zero smart doorbell, which we have already written about in our series of articles.

Xiaomi's intelligent video doorbell receives an improved 1080p version

The intelligent doorbell is nothing new in Xiaomi's portfolio. This type of product is very popular due to low prices and rich features. Now the company comes with a new model under the brand name Dingling Smart Video Doorbell S. Several improvements, including the image…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro come in a row in the fourth color version

A few days ago, Xiaomi announced the arrival of a new color for his Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro models. The new paint is on sale today and can be purchased in home China on the seller's official website. We are known for…




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