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Smartmi UV Sterilization Air Humidifier 1S is a smart humidifier with UV disinfection. In CZ stock, it became cheaper from € 107 to € 78

Winter is coming. The time when it is necessary to humidify the air in the home. This also means the time of the humidifiers. Smartmi Air Humidifier 1S is the right one if you are looking for great performance, UV disinfection and the ability to control through the application. A nice bonus is a coupon that…

Deerma F628S is an air humidifier with UV sterilization or aroma release. It costs only € 30 in CZ storage

Deerma is a well-known brand that focuses on interesting household products. Now we will introduce you to one of her great deeds, namely the Deerma F628S humidifier, which also works as a UV cleaning lamp. New coupon in CZ in stock Deerma F628S humidifier

Premium Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro looks really good. It has an OLED display and a 5L tank

Xiaomi also introduced a new premium humidifier called Xiaomi at its latest press conference Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro. Even in this case, the manufacturer does not forget the minimalist design and very good price-performance ratio. Xiaomi Mijia Pure…

Xiaomi Mijia The smart humidifier has a sterilization function, WiFi, a volume of 4,5 liters and a new coupon in the CZ warehouse

Xiaomi's portfolio of household products is really broad. It also contains Xiaomi Mijia intelligent humidifier that you can control via a mobile application. Coupon price in CZ stock If you want to buy an intelligent humidifier from Xiaomi now, you can do so through the popular e-shop

New Xiaomi Mijia smart humidifier offers a volume of 2,2 liters, its own application and we can pre-order it

Xiaomi spews its products one after the other. One of the newest pieces in the portfolio is also the intelligent Xiaomi smart humidifier called Mijia Pure Smart Air Humidifier. New for sale Banggood International reseller comes first with an offer…

Xiaomi Viomi aroma diffuser brings fragrance to your home. It has a colorful LED backlight and an excellent price

In the sea of ​​gadgets, mobile phones and various devices from Xiaomi, we can also find an excellent aromatherapy air diffuser from the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem from VIOMI. It will impress with its excellent price and rich aromatherapy options. In addition to premium processing, this diffuser offers above-standard equipment, such as night LED backlighting and a timer…




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