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The March sale of original software for your PC brings discounts of up to 62%. You get Windows 10 for free

In cooperation with the website, we bring you a March sale of original software that you can use not only at home, but also in the office. This includes new and extremely cheap offers for licenses for various Office and Windows packages. There is a really wide range of products to choose from in different…

Brutal Chinese (Xiaomi) Sales 11.11 Coming Up: The Only Article You Need to See for All Information

The period of Christmas is irresistibly approaching and with it the famous big sale events. Every year, our Chinese friends celebrate 11.11. as a day of singles, so-called Singles Day, when they are in the habit of running the prices of all products to year-round lows. As we are a portal…

Xiaomi celebrates 9 years. Massive list of 67 products also in historical prices

It was written on April 6.4.2010, 14, when Lei Jun and the 4-member team founded Xiaomi. Over time, the unknown word Xiaomi has become the XNUMXth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and also the largest seller of IoT devices on the market. On the occasion of celebrations…

19 Latest Xiaomi Discounts: Gearbest and Banggood Launch Real March Sales

In addition to the month of the book, March is also the month when online stores, especially the Chinese ones, launch big spring sales after a long winter. And that's exactly what happened now. The two largest and best-known online retailers, Gearbest and Banggood, are trying to attract great discounts.

Pocophone F1 with Snapdragon 845 for 49 €? China's largest store celebrates with exceptional discounts

The Gearbest e-shop has long been proud of the title of king among Chinese e-shops. This month it is celebrating 5 years of its existence and we know what you have prepared for us as customers. And there is not much. So let's start fine. '

17 latest Xiaomi discounts: Laptops, smartphones, gadgets but also a set of kitchen knives

Xiaomi, together with its subsidiaries, produces an incredible number of products. We wouldn't even expect many of them from the original smartphone manufacturer. The vast majority of these products are offered by international retailers and can often be bought at interesting discounts. YOU MUST KNOW…




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